Modern Luxury Nature-Based Weight Loss System

“Society is the sickness. Nature is the cure.” – Nicole Daedone

Strip away everything you thought you knew about weight loss and wellness. Have you ever started caring for the external of your body by first looking at the internal happenings? Listening to how your soul and heart feel; what are the internal toxins you are holding onto that create an unpleasant outward reflection? Would you, if you could, with the help of those who have done it before you, want to change these patterns? To break free from the one size fits all mold of wellness and find the resonate place where your soul, mind and body come into alignment?

Body By Nature is the complete revitalization of your soul for the skin.

Connect with nature and return to yourself.

Here on The Land everything we do stems from the ideals of love and connection; the first place to start is to reconnect and love your body. We aren’t taught to feel our bodies or to use them as the fine tuned barometers that they are. We get lost in the hustle of society imposed comparisons, weight loss programs and self help books. There is hope, there is a way out of this seemingly endless cycle; Body By Nature.

Discover your own unique way to transform from the inside and outside



  • Trigger active weight loss
  • Meal plan catered to your specific goals
  • Curb the yoyo effect
  • Detoxify and purify the body
  • Learn to eat properly and healthy
  • Enhance self confidence and body image
  • Restore body to natural balance
  • The balance and reset system
  • Focus and recover from food addiction

Included Offerings::

  • Personal guide throughout the program
  • Sessions with experts
  • Workouts
  • Hikes
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Herbal supplements
  • Organic onsite garden
  • No processed sugar kitchen
  • Raw food
  • Low calerie meals
  • Paleo desserts
  • Infrared sauna
  • Animal therapy
  • Cold and hot therapy
  • Watsu
  • Coffee enemas
  • Salt bath
  • Herbal detox
  • Soothing sun therapy
  • Orgasmic Meditation

Add Ons::

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnosis
  • Hyperbaric chamber
  • Detox
  • Juice cleanse by Moon Juice and our garden
  • Gardening
  • Theta
  • Cupping
  • Extra expert sessions
  • Body buffing
  • Spa
    • Mani/pedi
    • Waxing
    • Haircuts
    • Facials
    • Hot rock massage
    • Masks
    • Salt scrubs (fresh lavender, honey, and fennel)

The Kale : 7 day

A Taste & Cleanse

We simplify wellness and bring it back to the basics: mind, body & nature.  The Kale, a seven day stay on The Land will give you the opportunity to sample from a selection of world class wellness offerings to realign, simplify and refresh. Surrender what you think you know about a cleanse and allow us to take complete care of your needs. Get a taste for what wellness in nature feels like, removing the outside distractions and blocks that you run into in everyday life, allowing yourself a full body reset. 

The Pearl : 12 day

Immerse & Polish

Give yourself the time and space to drop fully into nature & remember who you are with The Pearl, a twelve day immersion on The Land. Break the unfriendly patterns you have developed around eating, wellness or personal care and surrender to a fully encompassing mind-body wellness retreat. Allow our experts to curate an exquisite experience to buff and polish out the kinks you develop trying to do wellness on your own and learn how to optimally operate your body.  

From breaking habits and addictions to weight loss and learning about your appetite cycle, The Pearl is a complete body reset, that can be intense but nonetheless rewarding. By honoring your body and not rushing the process of relearning wellness, all in connection with nature, you will leave after your stay a more whole and complete individual.

The Fig : 28 day

Fill Up & TurnON 

Systematically remove all conditioned beliefs of health and wellness. Un-infect your mind of what you know about weight-loss & restoration.  Introducing The Fig, a twenty eight day stay on The Land where you indulge all 5 senses in a fully encompassing wellness experience; specifically plated for you organic meals, 5 star massage sessions, private yoga & long walks deep in the soul of The Land.

Let go of your outside expectations, dropping all physical gauges or signs of wellness and reconnect with your internal self. Learn to heal yourself from the inside out. Trust that in surrendering to nature, you will, without a doubt remember who you are and when the inside is polished and pure the outside will emanate that perfection. You will learn sustainable ways to maintain your new found lifestyle and be able to easily reintegrate back home; your friends and family will notice this new you. 

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