Believing that “If we’re not connected, nothing is going to move”, The Land is at the forefront of the hottest new trend in corporate training: Connection. Taking cues from the mindfulness and wellness movements, and turbo charging it with real talk and intimacy, the Land’s facilitators open up the communication lanes within your teams to drive connection, group flow, and enhance productivity.

Offering beautiful meeting spaces and sumptuous food, The Land’s corporate training team has curated experiences and hosted retreats for clients including Giphy, The Battery, SOULCYCLE, Asana, Clever, UCSF, Kendo Brands, and more.

We invite you to imagine a future where your team feels like a micro-community with a refreshed sense of joy and service to each person your business touches. The Land’s corporate training team customizes programs that bring a contemporary model of community and connection, inspiring your team with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to the shared vision of the organization

Please inquire more about what the Land’s Corporate Retreats and Trainings. You can reach out to Bob Wilms at or call 415.830.1478 

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