Zen and the Transmission of the Land with Edward Espe Brown


Join Ed Brown, the legendary Northern California zen priest, master chef, and author of The Tassajara Bread Book and Tassajara Cooking, for a deep immersion and exploration of the rich inner world of The Land and the feminine. There will be periods of zazen seated meditation, qi gong, mindful outdoor walking, dharma talks, and discussion.

December 2017 TBD


Experience 1: Transcendental Meditation Retreat


Do you enjoy sitting meditation? We invite you to our first-ever, 4-day retreat, focused on leveling up your sitting practice with instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Get ready to radically change your experience of sitting meditation. Learn India’s most authentic and respected form of sitting meditation that has been touted by the world’s greatest minds from Michael Bernard Beckwith to Oprah to Tim Ferriss to Lena Dunham to Russell Brand and so many more.

Enjoy personal instruction and group classes in the Transcendental Meditation technique, taught by teachers with decades of experience. Enjoy lectures from top experts via videoconference on the topics such as the science behind meditation, alternative health and more. Spend time relaxing and rejuvenating in community with group walks through the Redwood forests, organic meals from our garden and shared eco-conscious accommodations.

Jan 31-Feb 4


Experience 1: Bibleution – 13 Scandalous Teachings of Jesus


Spend time inside this book that has changed the course of history over and over again. It’s a 400 year old translation in Elizabethan English. How might the in-context translations free us? There will be art making, alter creation, ritual, singing and dancing! And much more. Experience this special weekend inside of the nature of The Land. And who knows.. you may even reenter the garden..

Price includes lodging for two nights, farm to table breakfast, lunch and dinner, classes, daily meditation, daily yoga and use of all amenities. Hiking trails, river access, orchard and gardens.

Reverend Joanne Coleman‘s unique gift lies in her ability to teach and speak honestly, joyously and intimately of her own spiritual experience and that of ancient Semitic cultures. She offers eloquent insight and wise humor that energize the imagination, satisfy soulish aspirations for fulfillment and helps us taste the Awakened State right now.

March 9-11


Experience 1: Reading the Soul’s Story

A Three Day Introduction To Astrology, Tarot and Intimate Communication on The Land


Through the practices of quiet meditation and intimate conversation, we become deeply aware of the physical states and emotional processes of ourselves and our partners. What would it be like if, in addition to these awarenesses, we could also develop and cultivate our intuitive senses, to put our attention on our inner souls, on our life purposes and passages, and on the complex tapestry of past, present and future which inform our lives?

In this three day intensive workshop, participants will be guided to develop and apply their own intuitive powers, to be able to read themselves and their partners with remarkable clarity and accuracy, and to apply the language and tools of astrology and tarot reading to describe and articulate those insights.

March 23-25