The Land’s river, fields, and trees are part of a unique geography. With microclimates including a redwood forest, and south facing meadows, you get the best of what the Northern California wilderness has to offer. The river winds along the 1 mile long border of the property, while the 50 species of birds that call the Land home are constantly darting in and out of the trees. One sees and experiences so much of nature by being on the Land.



Our 5 acre garden was originally designed and built by part of the Findorn community in Scotland. In the shape of a mandala, the beds are aligned with the mooncycle in order to enhance the growth of the plants. Vegetables are mixed in with flowers and perrenials to keep the soil healthy, and the garden is completely organic. It’s something you have to experience to believe.


The Pool

Our sparkling saltwater pool is surrounded by trees, grass, and while perfect to soak up some sun has some wonderful places to lounge and retreat into the shade.



The headwaters of the Navarro River originate on the Land at the confluence of Rancheria and Indian Creeks, continuing 28 miles before reaching the Pacific Ocean. Our river is home to otters, wood ducks, egrets, and steelhead salmon early in the spring, and the swimming holes stay flush year round.

walking TRails

A network of old fire roads, hidden trails and quiet country roads make for wonderful ways to experience the Land’s rivers, creeks, redwoods, and expansive meadows. Known for their iconic heights that reach up into the atmosphere, redwood forests are important to California’s ecosystem and native to the Anderson Valley and the Land.