the leadership in training program

I came away from LIT with my attention honed and sharper, a knowing in my body of what it feels like when I’m turned on and engaged in my life.
— Julian Rosenberg

The Land is known for its rich saturation of connection, consciousness, flow, and love. Those in the Leadership in Training (LiT) Program are the Land’s tenders, pouring their exquisite attention into this sanctuary so that people can experience the abundance of a life dedicated to practice and community.

LiT is a one month experience where you learn how to live in harmony with your environment, with people, and with the rhythms of nature. You take the applications of what you understand about practice and build it into a foundation.

You come in weathered from the stresses of your everyday life. You enter into a saturated field of practice into an experience of simplicity and service, where the daily rhythm is constantly ironing out the rough edges and unfolding the joy and genius in you. What emerges is the makings of a leader. 

Find out who you are when faced with the humility of daily tasks and hone your attention. Exercise your mind to find joy at every moment. Watch yourself grow in connection and see your impact on the Land as it cleanses your soul. Come out more integrated with love and connection to bring out to your everyday life.


the program includes

  • Access to a rich schedule of daily meditation and writing practice, yoga or movement, connection meetings, and three daily communal service periods

  • Attention and guidance from senior staff on your work and personal growth

  • Delicious, fresh farm-to-table meals prepared by our incredible chef

  • Daily service projects around The Land from planting and harvesting in the garden, to making building repairs and constructing new improvements to helping prep daily meals

  • Activities such as hiking, swimming, yoga, meditation, group events and more


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