Leadership In Training

The Land is the living embodiment of the feminine. It’s 162 acres of landscape designed by nature and shaped by generations of hard-working and committed individuals to create a clear playing field by which your brilliance can truly emerge through the art of connection, community, service, and play.

The Leadership In Training (LIT) program is a one month, curated experience where you see that everything you do has impact on the whole. It’s where you join a group of individuals committed to the preservation and growth of The Land, and in the course of working in the field, and being part of the team charged with addressing unique problems, you will come out as a refined, renewed individual with a greater sense of purpose.

You come in weathered from the stress of modern  life, resentful over the little things you can’t control and learn to travel below the ego. You enter into a saturated field of practice, quickly running through all of your emotions as you deepen into service. It’s the simplicity of noticing the small things asking for your love and attention in the daily activities of tending to the garden, working with the animals, and improving the grounds.

By emptying out and washing away what no longer serves you, the Land generously gives back to you in return.

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