Discover Your Innermost:
A Retreat with Ed Brown

Tuesday, October 22 to Sunday, October 27

Think of this as an opportunity to bring pause and a reset to your busy life. With the giant redwoods, rolling hills and expansive meadows as the backdrop for your weeklong retreat, Ed Brown will lead you in meditation, qi gong, and other adventures. Ed has been close to the Land since we opened in early 2017. Part comedian, part Zen Master, his teaching gives relatable reflections on life in the real world. We are pleased to invite you to attend a 6 day immersion with this master of life and experience.

A retreat with eli block


Friday, October 11 to Sunday, October 13, 2019

There’s a simple intimacy to life. Pouring a glass of water. Sweeping the steps. We build it up into something grand, but it’s accessed through the simplest, most basic actions. It’s a lot of flash and sizzle that we get distracted by in our modern lives, but what about coming back to the building blocks and taking a look at who we are when we have our hands in the dirt. In the Living Sutras, we find the spiritual in the everyday moments, a no-frills fundamentals to building an honest and powerful life.

Join Eli Block, master coach and teacher of the living sutras for a weekend workshop exploring the living sutras.

stewart pearce: voice of change


Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10

Explore how to liberate your authentic voice, bringing magnetism and magic to your presentation eliciting spell binding personal expression and power.

Stewart inspires and facilitates to liberate the challenges, providing powerful psycho-physical techniques to open the center of your voice, gaining a magnetic connection with the essence of your being. It is then that you will feel the total expression of your own personal sovereignty!


with lynne forrest

Friday, February 14 to Sunday, February 16

Join healer and renowned expert in transforming victim consciousness for a potent weekend workshop of clearing old patterns of thinking and believing so that you can reconnect with your partner and have the relationship you desire. The Reality Formula® and the Guiding Principles of Reality will guide us on our journey towards transformation of mind and being. You will learn how to gain greater clarity about who you are, and to increase focus and strengthen intention toward a life of abundance, health, and well-being. You will learn more about how to live your daily life grounded in reality, rather than feeling lost in your painful story of a limited, inadequate, self.

Walks in nature, and delicious farm to table meals, along with a daily yoga and alignment practice will be part of the daily offering.


Thursday, March 26 to Sunday, March 29

ECHO exists to create social bonds within a unified field of rhythm, sound, and movement. Our group intention is to fully receive each participant’s voice and expression. ECHO recalls deep memories that honor individual human differences and allow us to remain clearheaded and support one another, even in the midst of overwhelming challenge.

Join us in the drumming circle to learn traditional African rhythms, chants and calling forth the ancestors. With ourselves as subjects, let’s explore what science can now tell us about our natural world, our embryological origins, and our own living tissue: we are all made of the same cloth.