Flow + Orgasm with Nicole Daedone, Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal, and Dr. Nicole Prause, August 18 – 20


One weekend and four renowned teachers, each focused on redefining and expanding our understanding of human potential. Dr. Prause and Nicole Daedone will give us a guided tour of their groundbreaking research and the knowledge gained from over twenty years focused on mastering the orgasm state. Celebrated authors Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal will take us on a journey into human evolution and the state of flow.



Flow State: There’s a revolution happening right now and it’s hiding in plain sight. All around the world, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and seekers are quietly unlocking the source code to altered states of consciousness and accelerated human performance. In the past, this used to be the domain of mystics, madmen, and misfits—those all too easy to marginalize or ridicule. Now, with advances in neurobiology, technology, and psychology, we have literally stolen fire from the mountaintop and can reproduce these states of accelerated performance and flow at will. We are finding out where in the brain they come from, what triggers them, and how to consciously bring them on. And just in time too, because now more than ever, the world needs us at our best. Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal will lead us through the cutting edge of flow state.

Orgasm State: In 2016, the first partnered stimulation research in the U.S. since Masters and Johnson commenced, conducted by neuroscientists Nicole Prause and Greg Siegle in partnership with OneTaste Founder Nicole Daedone. Their project focuses on the potential, rather than the dysfunction, of human sexuality. This IRB-approved new research will redefine not only sexuality, but also our entire concept of what is possible through human connection. Nicole Daedone and Nicole Prause will take us on a guided tour of the Orgasm State – an optimal state of consciousness so powerful it could be described as the driver for human action, that now may be used as a gateway to human greatness.

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Camping $350.00, Shared Cabin $700.00, Private Room – Couple $1900.00, Private Room – Single $1200.00

Price includes two nights, accommodations, farm to table meals, all courses and use of amenities

*Private Room Couple price includes the entire workshop for two people.


Private Room Single, Private Room Couple, Shared Cabin, Camping