Nature: exploration, re-enchantment and what it means to be human with Hannes Wingate and Jon Young. Oct. 6th-8th


The relationship that we have with the natural world will come to define how we deal with the challenges we face as a culture. Our ideas of what is possible and how deep the rabbit hole goes is limited by our cultural and intellectual traditions. Aligning our values with those inherent in the eco system that sustains us will be critical to our continued existence as it has been since the dawn of humanity. So how do we edge closer to this state of being?

This will be a workshop of ideas, storytelling and hands on field craft exploring our place in the natural world, the depth of skills and abilities that sustained our common ancestors answering why this increasingly matters today. A workshop of switch flipping, door opening, re-enchantment and practical skills.



Hannes Wingate: Artist, designer and survival instructor Hannes Wingate is a vagabond creator exploring the critical interface between people and nature.

His work has been exhibited and published in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and the United States in among others New York Times, Architectural Digest and Wallpaper Magazine and Redbull TV.

A frequent teacher and speaker Hannes teaches wilderness survival skills in Europe and the US including at the renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Utah. He has a past with leading design firms in Sweden and the US.

Jon Young: Storyteller, tracker and author Jon Young is one of the worlds foremost experts on our relationship with nature.For the last 30 years he has taught nature awareness, holistic tracking, bird language and ancestral living skills, all fundamental to the development of our species, in order to understand what this relationship means to us today and how it can be re-created where lost.

Jon is considered one of the key figures in the new nature movement and his work has influenced thousands of students and teachers worldwide. A gifted speaker and mentor Jon’s teachings re-enchant nature, open the doors of perception to its hidden language and the wisdom therein.

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$400 Camping – price includes campground and shower access, all farm to table meals, classes, daily meditation, daily yoga and use of all amenities. Salt pool, spa, hiking trails, river access, orchard and gardens.