Eating with the Ancestors: Traditional cooking and Animal Processing. 9-29 – 10-1


This 3 day event will focus on learning how to cook the way our ancestors did on an open fire. We will be cooking a wide variety of foods such as corn, squash, grains, simple breads, and lamb using distinct cooking methods such as roasting, baking, frying and searing to prepare delicious meals on an open flame and hot bed of coals. Participants will be processing a sheep during this ancestral camp. This means we will take the life of a live sheep using a quick and humane method. Afterwards, you will learn how to use the entire animal. We will cook and preserve the meat, render and use the fat, prepare and consume the offal, discuss hide tanning, and harvest bones, sinew, and hooves to make practical tools. Nothing will be wasted and everything will be respected.

This event is designed to foster a direct connection to our food and what it feels like to truly pay emotionally, physically and spiritually for a meal. Storytelling and skill sharing will flow naturally around the food and fire. This is a hands on experience with traditional fire making, hot coal cooking, butchering and tool making. It is the ultimate mentoring experience that provides real life skills and authentic empowerment. This can be a raw and challenging experience for the mind, body and soul. Expect to be highly engaged and to fully participate.



Limited to 12 students.

The Teachers

Laurel Holding is an experiential educator and consultant, wilderness guide, and retired Master Instructor and Director of Program Development at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS). During her tenure there she was the lead instructor on eight 28-Day Field Courses and many others, designed the 72-Hour Survival Rescue course (profiled in the New York Times), created a mentoring program, and started the BOSS scholarship fund. Laurel has been guiding extended backcountry expeditions and teaching primitive and traditional living skills for over 16 years.
An accomplished solo traditional bow hunter, Laurel has taken small game, fish, upland game, mule deer and elk by spotting and stalking, upholding fair chase ethics. These efforts provide for the majority of meat in her diet. She sits on the Conservation Committee of the Professional Bowhunters Society. In her spare time, Laurel tests and reviews women’s specific firearms for Outdoor Life magazine. Laurel is also a butcher, having received formal training at Daylesford Organic Farm Shop of London, England. She holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University and lives in a 16′ ger in southern Utah.

Crit Callebs is of Eastern Band Cherokee and Appalachian descent and lives on the Yakama Nation Indian Reservation where he is a drummer, singer and food gatherer for the White Swan Longhouse. He is a traditional storyteller and highly influential mentor who has been featured at Harvard University, Washington State University, University of Kentucky, CWU Museum of Culture and Environment, Native Wellness Institute and the Native American Training Institute.
Crit is a co-founding member and Executive Director of the Peacekeeper Society, a Native American nonprofit that consists of tribal mentors, trainers, and wisdom keepers from various Indian nations. He is a licensed foster parent for the Nak Nu We Sha Foster Care Program and a therapeutic facilitator for the Newport Academy Teen Treatment Center. Crit is a professional survival instructor and former guide for the world renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School. Most of his time is spent gathering traditional foods and medicines in Washington State.

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$1200 Camping