“The Western Woman’s Mantra: I work too hard, I eat too much,

I diet too much, I drink too much, I shop too much, I give too much.

And still there’s this sense of hunger that I can’t touch.” 

– Nicole Daedone


Our body hits the bed exhausted while our minds are spinning “What’s the next thing?” The stresses of work, family, and keeping up the pretense that “having it under control” feels like treading water on what seems like an endless marathon.

There must be another way.

Our adrenaline fueled, fast paced world doesn’t place much value on taking the time to just be. The word “relax” brings to mind spa services and mani-pedis and connotes checking out on life, when the deeper pull is to emerge anew and take a fresh breath only after having steeped in the embrace of loving care.

Introducing the Restoration House.

Access pure nourishment without seeking excess.

The Restoration House is a unique experience that defies our traditional approaches to rest and relaxation. Through access to highly conscious leaders in the field of health and transformation, we follow the beauty and pace of nature and offer curated experiences specifically tailored to your needs. We design a custom program for each person related to 5 areas: Spirit, Flow, Emotional Self, Inquiry, and Connection.

It is our birthright to breathe. 

By removing external pressures of expectation and obligation, we surrender and allow ourselves to tap into the missing nutrient our body was craving for all along.

Wake up to a sanctuary of stillness and spaciousness

Heal. Nourish. Revitalize. Restore

“I was able to receive from a deep place within my soul.”

– Carole

“I learned that the most generous thing you can do is receive. It’s really the feeling of letting it all in.”

– Eva



        Lodging on The Land

        Workshop sessions and coaching with top professionals in the field of holistic health

        Body work sessions

        Activities such as hiking, swimming, yoga, meditation, group events and more

        Individual personal attendant to see that your needs are met and you have what you need to heal

        Healthy meals including vegan or gluten free options, prepared by world class kitchen staff

        Access to 12 step meetings and step work

For more information contact Rachel Cherwitz at 415.613.9441

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