Imagine a sanctuary for like minds, Big Sur in the 70’s when Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, and others led a movement that shaped the way we think today, communal in nature, where there happens to be an incredible retreat center, a stage of world class speakers and when we are really lucky, Reverend Joanne’s Revival Tent; ultimately a place where all of the parts of ourselves can get connected and where we can bump into others who like to explore the mysteries of life.

Leadership in Training

For a limited time only, spend a month on The Land and be a part of the community to create the vision and partake in special projects.

Restoration House Experiences

Spend time restoring and recovering while staying in the simple luxury of The Land in one of its 8 houses or 12 cabins. These programs focus on time spent on yourself and in connection with nature. Learn more about Restoration House Retreats.

For more information contact Rachael Hemsi at +1 510-689-6384.

Restoration House Package Includes:

  • Lodging on The Land
  • Workshop sessions and coaching to be arranged with top professionals in the field of holistic health
  • Body work sessions
  • Activities such as hiking, swimming, yoga, meditation, group events and more
  • Individual personal attendant to see that your needs are met and you have what you need to heal
  • Healthy meals including vegan or gluten free options, prepared by world class kitchen staff
  • Access to 12 step meetings and step work