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Our Spaces

The Land’s structures, ranging from a historic lodge to an old horse barn, cabins from the mid-20th Century to more contemporary homes, provide comfort and character to the overall ecosystem of the property. There are places to gather, places to eat with friends, places to learn, and places to get to know yourselves and those around you a little better.


The Lodge

Our historic lodge was built in the 1950’s using wood milled from a single redwood tree and has been the joyful respite for thousands of happy pilgrims throughout the decades. Features include:

  • Seating for up to 100

  • More than 10 large, industrial wooden tables

  • Certified commercial kitchen

  • Ample skylights throughout dining and kitchen


The Course Room

Our course room was recently renovated to include large office space, ADA-accessible bathroom and beautiful, minimal main meeting hall.

  • Hi Speed WIFI 60-80 mbs

  • A/V set up including projector

  • Meditation cushions, blankets, chairs, and yoga mats


The Yoga Studio

A fully-functioning hot yoga studio.