visiting the land


The physical address is 18501 VanZandt Resort Road, Philo, CA 95466.  Coming from the Bay Area it’s Hwy 101 northbound and then exit 522 CA Hwy 128 West towards Fort Bragg/Mendocino/Boonville.  Turn left onto Rays Road (by the Anderson Valley Inn) off Hwy 128 on the west edge of the town of Philo. When the road splits stay on the lower road and follow signs to VanZandts. When you arrive to VanZandt entrance you will see The Land’s white gate and keypad on the left. (Get the gate code from your event coordinator prior to your visit.)  Follow the signs to the Land. Enter the first white gate to the left as you exit the bridge. If it is closed, you may instead go straight ahead on the dirt road and follow along the fence line and up the hill to the second white gated entrance. As you enter the property drive to the check in point by the big Redwood trees.


The Sonoma County Airport, named Charles Schultz Sonoma County Airport, named after the famous Snoopy/Peanuts author is 61.6 miles from The Land. There are ample ground transportation options from the airport to the Land. Both San Francisco Oakland International Airports are approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes from the Land by car or bus.

Check in

Please ask your event coordinator for more instructions on check-in procedure and emergency contact.

Vehicle Use

After initial unloading, guests are not allowed to drive vehicles on the property from one area to the next. We encourage walking, and when possible will make a golf cart available for transportation. Maximum Speed limit on roads inside the Land is 10 mph. Please drive safely to keep our animals and people safe.


We serve three meals a day and do our best to accommodate most major dietary restrictions. Special requests are not taken. We do not have refrigerator space for personal items unless they are needed for medical reasons. No food allowed in cabins. Breakfast is served at 9am, lunch is at 1pm, and dinner is at 6:30pm.


All visitors are required to sign the Visitor Waiver prior to being welcomed onto the property.

Internet and Phone Usage

AT&T and T-Mobile tend to get reliable service coverage on The Land, Verizon does not work well. The Land has fiber optic internet and WIFI service around the lodge, cabins, and houses. The campground does not have WIFI service.

General Safety

The Land is on 162 acres of preserved wilderness and we take great care for our natural surroundings, and encourage safety, conservation and responsible use of the property. Always walk in pairs, especially at night, and let other people know where you are going.

Fire Safety

As evidenced by California’s record breaking wildfires in 2017, the fire danger in rural areas is always high. No candles or open flames are allowed anywhere on the property, and you may smoke only in designated areas. Fires are only allowed in pre-approved locations and always must be supervised by a Land staff member.


We encourage all guests to bring flashlights and to always have them accessible at night. (Mobile phone flashlight apps work well.) Limited lighting is placed around the cabins, houses and roads to preserve the night sky.


Septic systems, by rule, are delicate in nature, and ours is no different. Please be mindful of only flushing down the toilet paper provided, and natural waste, and avoid flushing feminine products, facial tissues, moist towelettes, and paper towels.


Bring a water bottle! The Land has its own well and system that distributes water all over the property. We do not provide cups and glasses in the cabins.


Always turn off lights, appliances, and heating when you leave your cabin or house for the day.

Poison Oak

It is common on the property! Please come prepared and stay on paths. For campers, bring a tarp to go under your tent.

Health + Emergency Services

The Land has no medical services or pharmacy on site. If you will require medical attention or supplies during your stay, please come prepared to administer to your own needs. There is a health clinic in Boonville 15 minutes away and a hospital in Ukiah 45 minutes away. Anderson Valley has an excellent Volunteer Fire Department and EMT service, both of which are located within 15 minutes of the property. If there is a life threatening accident, injury or an illness, immediately dial 911, and as time permits notify Courtenay Lapowsky, Director of Operations, 917-733-1795.


Please check the weather report in advance of your stay. The Land gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer, so dress accordingly and bring layers when you can. Wear comfortable shoes. We are in the great outdoors. Bring a swimsuit for the river or pool during warm weather.

Alcohol + Smoking

We are an alcohol-free center, meaning no alcohol may be consumed on property, regardless of the event. 

As fire safety is of the utmost importance, smoking is permitted in a designated area only. Smoking is not permitted in any indoor spaces such as accommodations or meeting rooms.


Please bring your own toothpaste, toothbrush, personal toiletries and medications. Also bring sunscreen and bug spray when seasonally appropriate.  Liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner will be provided.

Pool + River Swimming

We have a salt water pool and access to the Navarro River on our property. Both are open sunrise to sunset during the summer. Note, we have no lifeguard on duty so swimming in pairs is encouraged.


Please know that we have free roaming and penned farm animals on site – goats, chickens, geese, guinea hens, and outdoor-only cats. They love visitors. Do not feed the animals unless guided. Allow them to come to you. Only pet Cliff under the chin if he approaches you. No dogs allowed on the property without prior written permission. The property is very safe and wild animals are afraid of people and generally keep their distance. Having said that, please do not approach or attempt to pet deer, rabbits, coyotes or other wild animals.


Land guests are welcome to join our periods of “seva” after each meal. For 30-45 minutes, the entire Land community comes together to get back to basics with joy and connection – washing dishes, sweeping the lodge and tending to the animals. But most of all, we do it because in clearing out the dirt, we also clear out our spirit!